About: Jane Sarre Ceramics

I jumped ship in 2012, leaving a career in museums for a more fulfilling creative life. Focussing on my passions led me back to clay: the tactile joys of hand-making, the constant variation and new discoveries it so generously offers. Now I make simple design-led pieces to be used and relished.


About: feast

Hand-crafted ceramic serving-ware for any occasion.

Feast is a new collection inspired by a lifetime of meals made more enjoyable by good company and good tableware. Clean lines and subtle textures make each dish a feast for the eyes and hands as well as the tongue, framing any meal and creating a centrepiece for your tablescape. Savour the simple pleasures of choosing and using the right serving-ware to present your menu.

Each piece is thrown by me in white stoneware. They are microwave and dishwasher safe. I love making them and hope that you will love having them in your home.


About: Jane

My name is Jane Sarre (rhymes with star) and I am passionate about getting stuck in and getting my hands dirty.

I first fell in love with clay 20 years ago whilst doing an art foundation course near my family home in Milton Keynes. Fast forward through 2 decades and a career in museums, and I have been reunited with that first love. Clay is a very tactile material, particularly in throwing when the piece is formed literally from finger touch and the line of moving hands. So satisfying! For me the tactility and function of the finished piece are as important as looks. This carries into my work so that every piece is designed and made to be useful, tactile and visually appealing.

My ambition now is to live a simple, sustainable, creative and fulfilling life. If I can continue to make pots and see them going off to new homes with happy customers for many years to come then I will consider that a life well lived.


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When I have bought hand made ceramics before I have found they do not deal with everyday usage particularly well, they are a bit style over substance. I was concerned that perhaps Jane Sarre Ceramics might be a bit similar but I could not have been more wrong!

I use them every single day and they have withstood many a knock and bump whilst still retaining their beautiful and high quality appearance. Everyone who walks through my door still comments on them!
— HM, New homeowner
Jane Sarre Ceramicist at work