Dungeness Series

"at the edge certain illusions wear thin and something fundamental about the stuff of life becomes evident." M. Bunting

Following a residency at Dungeness in spring 2018 Jane has worked intensively from her perceptions, memories, drawings and photographs of the site to create work that explores her embodied experience of the place, particularly the functional architecture of the area, the power station and the remaining WW2 structures etc, apparently developed entirely from utilitarian concerns without regard for or reference to the rich local ecosystem or inhabitants. Ideas have been developed in sketchbooks and collage as well as ceramic maquettes and test pieces.

Concerns for a structure's presence have been expressed through footprint and outline, a sense of movement and solidity, exploring the interaction of simplified and symbolic forms to create intersecting abstract forms that shift according to viewpoint.

Jane Sarre

Jane began her ceramics training hand-building at Nene College, Northampton and then pursued it privately for many years, taking tuition from a wide range of talented artists and makers.

Since 2012 she has been able to focus fully on working with clay, mastering throwing and developing collections of contemporary tableware and serving ware with clean lines and subtle textures inspired by family tradition and her growing meditation practice.

A medically imposed break from throwing has allowed her the time to return to hand-building and to explore her rapidly developing creative ideas at her studio in Hastings.


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