Getting a workspace

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I tried doing evening classes. You probably have too. They are just too short to do anything in, particularly with ceramics when you have to spend so long wrapping everything up and cleaning up.

And its not an easy thing to do at home. Particularly if you share a house with others, or live in a crowded city, as I do.

So I decided to look for a workspace of my own.

A lot of the big studio providers were not helpful. They wanted a portfolio before they would think about renting you a space. Total catch 22 as I cant produce a portfolio of work until I have somewhere to produce it.

I did find a useful website you could search to find all the currently available studio spaces in London. You can't search by what you need from a space (like water) but it was helpful in discovering just how many companies and organisations are currently providing spaces.

(When I'm back home I'll dig out the address and add a link in case it's helpful)

Basically I ended up trawling through everything offered by all the providers looking for something that fitted the bill.

I wanted a decent size, daylight, water, power, close to my house, not tooo expensive and preferably other potters in the vicinity.

One place in Bow was very promising, and the people were very helpful - despite my lack of portfolio. Again I'll try and add a link.

But in the end another route came up trumps...

Having subscribed to ceramic review, I was avidly reading the small ads and found one for a shared studio in Hackney. For some reason I didn't follow it up for a month, so when I got in touch that space was gone. BUT. Luckily for me someone else had decided to move out and Igot the next space.

I move in on Sept 20th. Can't wait.

I'll have 1/5 of the space, nice people to share with, communal kilns to use - and amazing views over east london!