Starting out

Hi all, I've been reflecting a lot on life recently. I realised that, despite having put in 15 years and a phd, my current career does not fulfil me and I just plain don't enjoy it. Time for a change. But what???

The thing that fires me up most is being creative. I love having new ideas and being inspired and making things. This is what I want to be doing with my life.

I did an art foundation course back in the dark ages after I left school. I loved it. It was like playschool for grown-ups with all those materials and bits of kit to play with. The thing I most loved was ceramics.

Somehow I wasn't brave enough then to study ceramics more, or try and make a go of it. I don't think I appreciate how special it was to love doing something that much.

So. Fast forward 20 years. Now I know what I love, how that compares to the way I have been earning a living. And I've decided to put all my energy into making a go of it now.

Some of the things I experience or learn may only be of interest to me at my most navel-gazing-est, but some of it may be of use/interest to somebody, so I'm planning to record it all here.

Wish me luck!