Artists' circle 2

Like many people I have been working my way through Julia Cameron's "Artist's Way" this year. Unlike most people (apparently) I got to the end in July. One of the things she reccomends is setting up an artists' circle to support you moving forward. I am fortunate to know several likely candidates, and we have got together and met twice now.

Last sunday we met in the garden because we all live together and nobody could be bothered to go out and spend money. It was nice, but slightly odd as others from the community meandered by.

We started with a go-round. Pretty much everyone was tired and not in the mood, but we did it anyway.

We shared our most recent work. I had the stamps for my business cards and some newly printed photographs and got some feedback on what to give away and what to sell at a forthcoming exhibition event, K had an excerpt from her book and P had a poem about crows - plus a great kids book about a baby crow doing beak stands.

We made collages on a rather randomly selected topic of "bright light". Here's mine. There was also a geeky discussion about collaging techniques, I focussed more on overall structure, P worked on aligning elements within adjacent images.That all took at least 2 hours, so we ended with a quick go round of inspirational quotes. Mine was:

"Curiosity is the greatest form of insubordination"

(That's from Nietzche via the internet)

Then we set the date for the next circle, in c. 6 weeks time. We all felt much better at the end!

Business cards for the creative with no work pictures

So, people at work have been asking me if I have business cards - which I take as a good sign. But it created a bit of a quandary - pretty much all of the cards for creative people I have ever seen have photographs of their work on. I dont have any work I am that happy with yet, but I need the cards now.

Lying on bed on sunday morning I realised that I could make my own with block prints. And here they are.

I made some little blocks of some of the motifs I have been thinking about anyway and used these as background patterns in white and red, and then made blocks of some generic pot shapes that I printed over the top in black. For bonus diy points everything I used was in the house anyway. Fret not, they do have contact details on:


Starting out

Hi all, I've been reflecting a lot on life recently. I realised that, despite having put in 15 years and a phd, my current career does not fulfil me and I just plain don't enjoy it. Time for a change. But what???

The thing that fires me up most is being creative. I love having new ideas and being inspired and making things. This is what I want to be doing with my life.

I did an art foundation course back in the dark ages after I left school. I loved it. It was like playschool for grown-ups with all those materials and bits of kit to play with. The thing I most loved was ceramics.

Somehow I wasn't brave enough then to study ceramics more, or try and make a go of it. I don't think I appreciate how special it was to love doing something that much.

So. Fast forward 20 years. Now I know what I love, how that compares to the way I have been earning a living. And I've decided to put all my energy into making a go of it now.

Some of the things I experience or learn may only be of interest to me at my most navel-gazing-est, but some of it may be of use/interest to somebody, so I'm planning to record it all here.

Wish me luck!