Dreaming of death

And for those interested in the psychological impact of all this change, I had a very striking dream the night before moving into the studio. I dreamt that my old boss telephoned me in the middle of the night to tell me that one of our colleages had died. It turned out to be someone I didn't actually know from another team that he also manages and in my befuddled state it took a while to work out what he was telling me and why.

The scene then changed and I was in my car on Shoreditch High St trying to pull over so that I could talk to him safely, whilst still listening and de-befuddling, I was also finding that the brakes were not working properly and the car was continuing to roll slowly down the hill as I tried to steer it into the curb to stop it.

As K diagnosed the next day - a classic transitional dream! She considered it particularly interesting that the person that had died was unknown to me, as she interpreted the dead person as a part of myself - and thus a part that was not really me. That's certainly how I always felt about the person I was at work...