Last minute jitters

Yikes! Woke up feeling worried yesterday, guess it's the jitters. Am I doing the right thing? All these people I respect telling me i'm good, that "museums NEED people like me" - am I giving up too soon, abandoning something i've proved i'm good at for a crazy hare-brained scheme? What if i'm no good at doing ceramics? What if nobody buys anything? How will I cope with embarressment of rocking up to the studio and having no clue what to do... Partly fear of the unknown.

Partly feeling the pressure of what other people want me to do and my old habit of giving them what they want.

But that approach is what got me into the doldrums of work that doesnt satisfy the basic truth of who I really am and what I find fulfilling, and as Ms P points out the ultimate foolishness is to carry on repeating the same actions whilst hoping for a different result.

So i'm sticking to my guns, feeling the collywobbles and doing it anyway.