To do... or not to do...

This morning I had 37 things on my to do list and the sun was shining. What did I do? I got on my bike. I finished my old job last friday, and get the keys to the studio on the 20th, so i'm in a funny transitional gap / set up period / holiday at the moment.

The list has some pretty big stuff, like buying a wheel, choosing glazes and buying clay etc as well as preparing for a last chance saloon event at my current photography exhibition.

However, since doing the Artist's way I have been trying to make an effort to do what she calls 'artist dates' reasonably regularly as they are an excellent way of focussing on what you actually enjoy. I've discovered that I like to get out and get active and exploring is always good, as is anything involving water.

So today, I rode down the greenway to Beckton, got lost, found the river, went across on the excellent Woolwich ferry.

Got lost again where the path was detoured, went past the Thames barrier.

Found a funny sculpture made of flotsam and jetsom.

Stopped for an emergency sandwich in the corporate hell of Greenwich peninsula and then road the exciting new cable car back over the river, detoured to my favourite bird reserve.

And then back along cycle superhighway 3 and up home again. Thank wotsits for tea and Gillian's ginger crunch waiting in hte kitchen when i got home.

It always feels good to get out in the sun and get a water-fix. It was good to stretch myself and do a few more miles than usual - not as hard as I thought. And I love the change in perspective of going up high!