New season glazing

Customers have been asking for more colours and I have a mental list of colours I want to try, but I was struggling with making enough of each form each month to have a sensible number in each colour. I had also been inspired by reading on the philosophy of wabi sabi and pondered how to bring more variation and seasonality into my work...

The answer took a spare half hour on a giant park swing whilst waiting for the library to open.

But when it hit it was obvious! 

Seasonal colours are the way forward. 

Here's the first of my new autumnal rust to celebrate. 

It was um, interesting, but not quite what I was expecting when it first came out of the kiln...



So another layer of glaze went on before going back in the kiln.


Second time out the rust effect was behaving better.


It takes a lot of time and experimentation to really get to know a glaze, so embarking on a whole series of new ones is asking for trouble - but I'm looking forward to it! Hopefully you all will enjoy the results. Watch this space for the next adventure in glazing...