Packing pots for posting

Thanks to everyone who has tried out my online shop and placed an order. Here's a sneak peek behind the scenes in the packing department that might be helpful if you have parcels of your own to post out.

Firstly wrap up each piece in two layers of bubble wrap, with the bubbles on the inside and each layer securely taped to prevent slippage. I have just discovered that you can now get biodegradeable bubble from some suppliers which sounds like a great step forward, although it is twice the price...

I like to have at least one layer that looks nice so each piece is also wrapped in tissue & has a nice sticker added.

Then all the pieces are wrapped together in another 2 layers of bubble. This stops the individual pieces rattling about and crashing into each other. If you are sending super-fragile things or they are going a long way it can be a good idea to put this package into the smallest box you can fit them in, tape it up and then put that into a bigger box.

For breakables you need a double walled box and I line it with yet more bubble.

In go the wrapped up pots and then the gaps and top are packed out with air pockets. Shredded paper is not recommended for this as it compacts and can allow rattling. I buy new bubble as it loses function with age, but for the crevice packing I prefer to re-use air pockets that a friend supplies or packing peanuts that come in deliveries to me as they seem to be longer lived.

Finally it gets taped up with FRAGILE tape on every side & I add the address it's going to and my own. Then it's off to the post office and on it's way to you. So far my parcels have made it as far as Australia without breakages. I hope yours will too!