Inspirational ceramics

I've been looking at the work that inspires me this week and thought you might enjoy it too. Here's the first selection (in no particular order).

Fred Gatley

Gatley's work centres on the Bow Creek, which I lived close to for many years. He uses sands, clays, old fired ceramics ground into grogs as well as metals and timbers found in the creek. The finished pieces have both simplicity and visual/tactile richness which I love.

Lisa Hammond

I got to know Lisa's work 'in the flesh' while doing a course at Kigbeare and really relished the tactile experience of it. The pots have a liveliness that I respond do with great textures and the marks of the making process.

Joanna Constantinidis

Constantidis' work has a simplicity that works for me, without being remotely dull, familiar or predictable. Again she has great surfaces and really strong asymmetric forms.

Dan Kelly

Kelly's work has an epic quality, a monumentality that makes the pieces look much bigger than they actually are. This idea of epic substance is interesting, as are the strong graphic marks he achieves. The forms are classic, but produced in a fresh way again showing the marks of their making process.

Looking at work likes this makes me want to get back into playing in the studio, experimenting with compositional pieces, more worked & layered surfaces and some new forms...