Inspirational ceramics, pt 2

As part of an exercise for my business mentor I have been reviewing work that inspired me - and made me wish I had made it.

Here are some more that got shortlisted.

Sam Hall

Hall works with a very limited range of forms, but each work remains fascinating because of the visual richness of his scuffed, layered & timeworn surfaces. As a lover of decayed urban surfaces these work for me in much the same way.

Jane Perryman

Perryman's vessels have their roots in traditional forms but are often combined with more urban slab forms, echoing the ceremonial feel of Gatley's compositions. I love the emphasis on the clay itself, either raw or charred.

Gordon Baldwin

Baldwin's work is mainly monochromatic, but never boring. He has an unusual approach o mark making that is both graphic and subtle, and leaves me curious as to how on earth he achieved it. The abstract/organic vessels have intriguing forms that appear to arise from a personal symbolism. Many are asymmetric and relational in ways that get my whiskers twitching!