A year to be proud of

I use the end of the financial year for a pause to evaluate the outgoing year and plan for the new one. This year I tried a series of exercises put together by the design trust to give structure to my review. It also inspired me to start listing things I was proud of for the year, and I thought you might like to see the list.

Initially this was a bit of a challenge as the year in my mind was characterised by unexpected illness for myself and others close to me, making it a challenging time. As a result I didn't achieve anything like what I initially intended.

However. There were achievements and moments I was proud of, and it feels good to stop and acknowledge them (in no particular order):

  • I'm still here & still going even after a year from hell
  • My sales are up
  • I started teaching this year and it's going well
  • I tentatively started to sell my work wholesale, and got 3 new stockists
  • I set up this new website
  • The new website has a new online shop
  • I did lots of training & learning
  • The work I make now is better
  • I am growing creatively
  • Having added up all my newsletter subscribers, followers & friends etc I found it has topped 1000!
  • I am getting repeat customers
  • Arranging & facilitating the first studio meeting
  • Even when events don't go well I am able to find ways to stay positive and improve the situation
  • I got help
  • Some pots are rumoured to be destined for the next Ottolenghi recipe book
  • My first mention in the national press
  • 50+ likes for on image on Instagram
  • Making bigger pieces
  • Managing myself and my workflow better