A visit to Collect 15

I am so pleased that I went to Collect this year. I didn't manage to take a camera so haven't said anything about it on social media over the weekend, but I did have a notebook & a pen and came out with a long list of makers I admired and interesting galleries to keep an eye on.

I also came out with a head buzzing full of new ideas and new thoughts on old ideas and ways to bring them all together more interestingly. Frustratingly I couldn't rush straight off to the studio to start playing with all these new inspirations, but I certainly intend to have a crack at them as soon as I can. As a little preview, some of the things that got me thinking were:

The balance and movement of Yoichi Takeda's floating wood pieces at the Exhibition space APJ Japan

The addition of spontaneous and random elements on ceramic surfaces

Mixed media work by a number of makers, Lisa Farmer particularly got my neurons firing like crazy.

I also enjoyed boxes by Andrea Merton, Julian Stair & Claudia Lis...

It was great to see so much amazing work - over 3000 years of experience as one speaker commented - and always good to see the masters of ceramics. But for me, seeing work in other materials is somehow more inspiring, perhaps because I cannot immediately translate it into my own work but have to process the ideas further and more metaphorically to come up with something that is more deeply inspired and yet my own.