Home is what tells us who we are

Funnily enough, one of the things that convinced me of the importance of how you put your home together has nothing to do with homes at all.

You may not know this, but before I made the switch to making ceramics I used to work in museums, and while I was doing that I also did a part time phd. My research looked at how curators were working with community members to make new, more diverse and inclusive, history galleries. In the end I realised that what they were doing was jointly putting together a narrative that expressed the collective identity of the city.

As my research took me down this path I had to read up on a lot of stuff about visual culture and and cultural theory and identity formation and all sorts of other tangents. (If you want to see more about the research it's available via the UCL website).

The point here is that doing the research convinced me that what was on display mattered. It told that story of the city and the people who belogied there, what they were like, who they were, what they did - and who they were not.

I believe that our homes do much the same for us on a personal level. By choosing items to furnish and decorate our personal spaces, however modest they are, we are saying something. We could be making a statement to visitors about who we are - or who we want them to think we are. But ultimately our homes remind us of what we love and value most, and help us to be who we truly are.