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The new art of cooking by Frankie Unsworth

This week my copy of the mouthwatering 'New art of cooking' by Frankie Unsworth arrived. Hooray!


You may have seen her work on Khoollect, but now she's published her own book and I'm delighted to see some of my work making an appearance.


Right now the watermelon and tomato salad with Sichuan salt and the easy aperitif spread for friends are looking very appealing, but I'm also looking forward to trying the one pan breakfast beans with crispy kale and goats curd once the weather cools down enough for something a bit more hearty.

Well worth checking out if you're looking for culinary inspirations.

Congratulations to P.Franco!

Congratulations today to one of my clients; the creative, talented and hard working team at P.Franco for their place in the Top 100 UK restaurants according to the National Restaurant Awards. They are serious about the wine and food pairing and turn out amazing dishes from a tiny kitchen so it's great to see their work being rewarded and to play my small part in supporting their endeavours. Bravo!

All photos by P.Franco.

Custom design: doing things fully

Chef Lee Westcott and I have been working together to develop some special new bowls specifically for a special new pre-desert he is planning for The Typing Room.

Starting with his intentions and my condiment dish we first change the angle of the walls to flare outwards. Then we added a foot to give the bowl more lift. Next we reduced the size slightly to fit the scale of the sorbet dish it will be presenting. The final design is now made and will be fired next week.

It's been a rewarding and interesting process to bring such specific requirements into the design process and I really love the little bowl we have created together, so I look forward to seeing it completed and in use.

Coincidentally I'm reading 'Cooked' by Michael Pollan and the moment and this process has chimed with his discussions about Chez Panisse and doing every task, even the smallest and most mundane in the fullest way possible. This bowl has demonstrated the value of really thinking through how best to do something.