recipe book

The new art of cooking by Frankie Unsworth

This week my copy of the mouthwatering 'New art of cooking' by Frankie Unsworth arrived. Hooray!


You may have seen her work on Khoollect, but now she's published her own book and I'm delighted to see some of my work making an appearance.


Right now the watermelon and tomato salad with Sichuan salt and the easy aperitif spread for friends are looking very appealing, but I'm also looking forward to trying the one pan breakfast beans with crispy kale and goats curd once the weather cools down enough for something a bit more hearty.

Well worth checking out if you're looking for culinary inspirations.

Cook. Nourish. Glow.

Thrilled to see my bowls at work in Amelia Freer's new book, Cook Nourish Glow. Thanks to Frankie Unsworth for the styling and Susan Bell for the photography. And to Amelia Freer for some tasty looking recipes!

My sister is now a nutritionist so I have become much more conscious of health positive food - and always enjoy seeing new recipes being promoted that support good nutrition as well as looking and tasting good.

The modern preserver

My friend Kylee of Newton & Pott has published a book! Visitors to Broadway Market may have seen and shopped at her tasty preserves stall, and now she's written a book to share her enthusiasm & recipes. Very beautiful & inspiring it is too.

I was pleased to be asked to provide tableware for the photoshoots and it's thrilling to see the published results.


To support the next generation of preserving splendour I have also been working away on a fermentation crock for her. It's finally finished and the biggest thing I've made to date - holding a substantial 4l. It also has a double collar to create an airlock gutter for the lid to sit in. That took a few goes to work out the best technique!

If you are a keen fermenter you can order a crock too, just get in touch for more details.