Working title: Dynamics series

I’m unveiling some very new pieces this weekend as part of South East Open Studios

As part of the displaying process I’ve been having to think about names and stories. These works are now called as follows

Top L-R; Interlock, Flange, Weight | lift

Bottom L-R; Opening | closed, Catch

As with all my recent work they are place based, still working from my time at Dungeness for the moment although I suspect this series will go on to explore other areas.

My original photographs and drawings and memories are abstracted through a process of workings on paper; cut outs, collage, layering, and tape drawings etc.

At root, the works are inspired by my fascination with angles, proportions and chance compositions, particularly arising from utilitarian architecture such as industrial and military structures and are intended to evoke certain feelings and relationships recalled from the embodied experience of the site. This is what I am aiming to draw out in the names.

All I need now is a name for the series - perhaps Dynamics…

Dungeness sources

As the precursor to the next round of making I’ve been going back over many of the hundreds of photos I’ve taken on Dungeness in the last year.

Some of these have led on to paper-cuts - initially intended for collages but then leading in an entirely unanticipated direction. I’ll share the results with you next…

Thinking things through with Tacita Dean

I was pleased to catch the Imagine episode about Tacita Dean last night.

tacita dean.jpg

I was particularly struck by her comments on film as a medium with a process that has a gestation period, allowing time to think. It's easy with ceramics to get frustrated by how long everything takes and the dragging of time between starting and thinking, but I realise now that's another medium with a gestation period. Particularly with my newer more creative work, that reflecting & mulling & pondering what to do next time is turning out to be really valuable. I just needed to adjust my perspective to notice.

She also mentioned finding that she needed not to know the outcome of a project before it finished, to be 'blind' to the results until she had completed the journey. I have a tendency to live either in the future, in planning, and to imagine that I can work projects through entirely in my mind before I start - although I then have no interest in actually doing the work. Perhaps I too need that element of open exploration where the project develops it's own direction of steer as it progresses.

Thanks for the insights Tacita Dean! The programme is worth watching if you're able to.

A busy week at the wheel

We're fast approaching the busiest season of the year, and production has geared up accordingly. Here are some workshop snaps to give you a taste of the work in progress.


Being an organiser by nature I had reviewed last year's sales and the number of events I am booked into and worked out how many pots I needed to stock. Based on those calculations I set myself a target for the week, and then pushed myself pretty hard. I'm feeling rather chuffed now that I managed to beat that target by 25%. My throwing is definitely getting faster.

Mind you, the throwing isn't the end of the story! I still have two batches of pots under wraps waiting to have their footrings turned. Then everything needs fettling (cleaning & tidying) and fully drying before they can go into the kiln.

I also received an exciting parcel this week. In it were the tea towels I designed to show the whole making process with all the steps before and after throwing. They were hand printed by a friend in rather smart charcoal on white linen, and the design uses a hand lettered version of my normal font that I drew myself. It's a bit of a departure from the wheel but I'm chuffed with them and think they make a nice complement to a pot!