Exploring: Cass Sculpture Foundation

After more than two years of waiting, I finally got the chance to visit the Cass sculpture park, and it didn’t disappoint. The park closes for the winter at the end of the month, so if you’re interested get it in the diary soon!

My favourite pieces by miles were the two works by Bernar Venet, fantastic forms and details from every angle, intellectually interesting and physically/materially rewarding.

I’ve long wanted to be able to make ceramics pieces big enough that you could get right inside of. Working in stone rather than clay Jon Isherwood offers a taste of how that might be.

Two other works that stood out for me perhaps blur the boundaries of what a sculpture can be. ‘Poem in lights to scattered in the square mile’ by Robert Montgomery and ‘Picnic grove’ by David Brooks.

In other cases, the work as whole didn’t speak to me, but specific details did appeal… these included works by Lynn Chadwick, Peter Hide, Keir Smith, David Annersely, Bruce Gernand, Tania Kovats and Thomas Kiesewetter.

Working title: Dynamics series

I’m unveiling some very new pieces this weekend as part of South East Open Studios

As part of the displaying process I’ve been having to think about names and stories. These works are now called as follows

Top L-R; Interlock, Flange, Weight | lift

Bottom L-R; Opening | closed, Catch

As with all my recent work they are place based, still working from my time at Dungeness for the moment although I suspect this series will go on to explore other areas.

My original photographs and drawings and memories are abstracted through a process of workings on paper; cut outs, collage, layering, and tape drawings etc.

At root, the works are inspired by my fascination with angles, proportions and chance compositions, particularly arising from utilitarian architecture such as industrial and military structures and are intended to evoke certain feelings and relationships recalled from the embodied experience of the site. This is what I am aiming to draw out in the names.

All I need now is a name for the series - perhaps Dynamics…

Art in Action

I squeezed in a lovely holidayette this weekend, visiting a sunny Art in Action with my parents. It was particularly apt as we met with an uncle and aunt there and it was the first time I had visited AiA in about 20 years, the last time being to see my aunt exhibiting her amazing knitwear. In that time the show has grown massively to a rather overwhelming 41 marquees and demo stages!

Moonjar, Akiko Hirai

Moonjar, Akiko Hirai

Naturally I headed first for the ceramics marquee. As ever, everything on Akiko Hirai's stand was lovely (I wanted the whole collection), Tony Laverick's surfaces intrigued and  Tanya Gomez's colours were joyful.

once the bewliderment of so many marquees had worn off I really appreciated the range of materials styles and forms being exhibited. As well as seeing some live glassblowing, always fascinating, here's a selection of work I was especially taken by...

Still lives by  Sarah Spackman

Still lives by Sarah Spackman

Textiles by  Ekta Kaul

Textiles by Ekta Kaul

Embroidery by  Roanna Wells

Embroidery by Roanna Wells

Willow sculpture by  Lizzie Farey

Willow sculpture by Lizzie Farey

Steamed and riveted trugs by  Jane Crisp

Steamed and riveted trugs by Jane Crisp

All told it was an inspiring and re-energising weekend. Who knows what might come out of it once the mental cogs have done their spinning!