"The clay will tell you how you are"

I love blog post from Jane Gross on her pottery class and how working with clay can help to reconnect us to our bodies - or be messily sabotaged by our monkey minds!

It's so true - and yet a lesson that I have had to re-learn over and over. Thank you Jane for the reminder.

"Like a balancing pose in yoga, ceramics provides a perfect feedback loop: exit your body and enter your busy mind, and you will likely teeter and fall. Or, in this case, try to bully the clay with strength, not stillness, and it turns into a guided missile rather than a bowl.

The saving grace of this last class was that it nudged me in this direction of learning. It provided welcome calm, however belated, not at the wheel but at the sink. There, long after the others had gone, I was still washing the splash pan and a dozen tools I had used that were now unrecognizable under the gobs of clay.

As hot water ran over my hands, and I squeezed sponge after sponge until one was clean enough to scrub my work area, my breathing slowed and my shoulders unclenched and moved away from my ears."

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