A busy week at the wheel

We're fast approaching the busiest season of the year, and production has geared up accordingly. Here are some workshop snaps to give you a taste of the work in progress.


Being an organiser by nature I had reviewed last year's sales and the number of events I am booked into and worked out how many pots I needed to stock. Based on those calculations I set myself a target for the week, and then pushed myself pretty hard. I'm feeling rather chuffed now that I managed to beat that target by 25%. My throwing is definitely getting faster.

Mind you, the throwing isn't the end of the story! I still have two batches of pots under wraps waiting to have their footrings turned. Then everything needs fettling (cleaning & tidying) and fully drying before they can go into the kiln.

I also received an exciting parcel this week. In it were the tea towels I designed to show the whole making process with all the steps before and after throwing. They were hand printed by a friend in rather smart charcoal on white linen, and the design uses a hand lettered version of my normal font that I drew myself. It's a bit of a departure from the wheel but I'm chuffed with them and think they make a nice complement to a pot!