Wine cup

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Wine cup


These winecups are the result of several strands of my life coming together. I previously worked in museums with archaeological collections where roman winecups were made of ceramic at a time when glass was hugely costly. My grandparents spent a lot of time in France and acquired the habit of drinking wine daily from small unstemmed glasses. What triggered them was my partner, who won't drink from stemmed glasses at all, so I designed these as a Christmas gift for him. They have gone on to be one of my best sellers.

The gently flared top section fits well in the hand and is pleasant to drink from. The unstemmed form makes them less formal so they are good for a little weeknight tipple. The additional robustness of the ceramic also makes them great for warming mulled wines in winter.


Height: 8cm

Diameter of rim: 8cm


Thrown & turned

Price is for 1 item.

Glazes are smooth and glassy to touch, ranging from satin to high gloss finish. Unglazed sections provide tactile contrast, giving the raw 'peachskin' feel of the clay itself.

Every item is individually handmade using natural materials, resulting is minor variations. Your order may therefore look slightly different to the example shown in the photos.

All orders are gift wrapped in white tissue with a bird sticker and carefully packed in at least 4 layers of bubble wrap to ensure safe delivery.

Your item/s will be made to order. Please allow 1 month for completion. You will be emailed when your piece is finished and ready for dispatch.

To take best care of your pots avoid rough handling and sudden or extreme changes of temperature.

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